Month: April 2017

March Favourites 


Was it me or did March just go so fast? I just seemed to blink and bam it’s April. This Month I had a wardrobe clear out, so I treated myself to some new spring clothes & shoes. Let me know if you would like me to do a haul?


This Month I’ve been loving my

Embroidered Slogan Denim Jacket – Missguided (Similar Here)

If you’re a regular follower on my blog you know this Denim jacket has featured twice already in my OOTD post’s. I just love this denim jacket. A denim Jacket is a Spring Summer wardrobe staple as it completes any outfit in style whilst providing that extra warmth.  Click on the links below to see how I have previously styled this jacket.

OOTD – Girl Meets Street

OOTD – Styling A Basic Black Dress


Cry Baby Slogan Ringer T.Shirt

Slogan T.shirts are ‘in’ Style this season and are everywhere. I love this top from Boohoo as it is a really nice fit, & material & doesn’t need ironing. Being a busy mum this is an added bonus. This top goes with anything you can pair it with a denim skirt, jeans, or dress it up with a full skirt.  Click on the link below to see how I styled this T.shirt.

OOTD – Girl Meets Street


New Look Gingham Embroidered Mules

I did a feature on the trend gingham (read here Trending Tuesday – Gingham ) and I featured these shoes. I fell in love with these bad boys instantly (who even says that nowadays). Two trends in one shoe gingham & embroidery. I can’t wait to feature these in a OOTD post.




Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder.

I actually got this as a christmas gift set for Xmas a few years ago but completely forgot about it to be honest up until i saw Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat make-up tutorial and she used this as a contour powder. I immediately found it out and wished i started using it sooner. Now i know why its featured on so many beauty bloggers pages & videos, it’s the right tone for contouring as it has a greyish tone to it which is perfect and it looks natural. I think I’ll definitely be purchasing the full size powder.

Benefit They’re Real Push Up Eyeliner.

This eyeliners easy to apply, lasts all day and is smudge proof.

Vita Coco Coconut Oil

I had to feature this product as it my all time favourite beauty product. I’ve been using this coconut oil for the last year and now I wont change brands because i know this one works for me. I personally have noticed a difference in the appearance of my stretch marks, they’ve faded. This coconut oil as so many uses ive used it as a hair mask, i even tried oil pulling, and used it to make a salad dressing. I mainly use this oil to rub into my skin daily to treat my stretch marks.


Tequilla & Tea Bags – Laura Barnard

Tequila & Tea Bags by [Barnard, Laura]

I’ve enjoyed reading this book this month as it’s a funny lighthearted read. It made me literally laugh out Loud in places. Rose is sent to live with her Cousin Elsie in a Yorkshire Village but all she dreams about is being a club rep in Mexico. When she gets the Chance to leave will she, or has she fallen in love with the Yorkshire way of life?

What has been your March Favourites?

Nicolle X


OOTD – We Are The Weirdo’s Mister

Good morning,

Hope your all enjoying your weekend. This OOTD was inspired by the 90’s. I love the 90’s, the music, the films, the fashion and hairstyles. And most importantly it was the decade that I was born.

This look was inspired by the 90’s cult classic The Craft. These witches with a capital B were totally bad ass, and their style envisioned that.




Outfit Details;

Beauty & The Beast Film Review, How Did It Compare To The Original?

Good Evening,
So last night I finally give in to the demand of my younger sister & let her drag me along to the cinema to see Beauty & The Beast, (not that i give up much of a fight).

My First Thoughts

My first thought when I heard Disney were doing a live-action remake of the 1991 Disney Cult Classic Beauty & The Beast (My favorite film of all time), was mixed. On one hand i was excited to see a new adaptation of the film, and on the other hand what if they managed to ruin my childhood. let’s face it, remakes hardly ever live up to the classics.
When I heard Emma Watson had the role of Belle, my heart sank a little not that i don’t think She’s a great actress, but to me she’ll always be Hermione Granger. I remember the time i went to see Woman In Black starring Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) & someone shouted Expelliarmus at a scary moment in the film, don’t get me wrong we all laughed but it took away the seriousness of the film, & been a big beauty & the beast fan i didn’t want people to take away the magic of the film.

The Good

I was Shocked and amazed at Emma Watsons singing voice & her acting skills and definitely proved she shouldn’t be typecast-ed. I was also impressed with the acting of  Gaston an his side kick Lefou.
I also liked how the Script writers hadn’t strayed too far away from the original script, there’s nothing worse than going to watch a remake of a film to find out they’ve  completely changed the film. The bits they did change i thought built more on the original story, pleasing fans of the original, and the new generation of fans.

The Bad

Personally for me some of the films characters lacked the personality and the charisma of the originals. I didn’t find myself connecting with ms Potts or Chip, their Mother & Son relationship didnt come across as well on-screen as well as the original. Ms potts lacked the warmth and motherly nature of the original. Chips also lacked the boyish charm of the original.

My Overall Opinion

I enjoyed the film and would watch it again, but for me the original was better, the characters had more personality and warmth about them. But this is the new Beauty & The Beast for the new generation. I rated this film 7/10.
The opinions in this review are completely my own, If your a big Beauty & the Beast fan, it’s worth the watch. If you’ve seen the film let me know your opinions, What did you like & what didn’t you like? Which film do you prefer? 
Nicolle X