Month: October 2017

OOTD – Day Of The Dead 💀 

Hi My Beauty’s, Hope you’re all having a good week and haven’t been working too hard. With Halloween less than a week away, here’s a Simple Halloween look inspired by the Day of the Dead 💀. I  love Halloween. Here’s a list of the reasons why ;

  •   Sweets and Chocolate 🍫 Halloween’s just literally an excuse to eat sweets and chocolate, not that I need an excuse.
  • Experiment with different and bold makeup looks.
  • Play fancy dress. I like to reinvent the clothes I already own in my wardrobe and turn them into a costume.
  • Halloween films such as Hocus Pocus and The nightmare before Christmas.
  • The supernatural. I love anything to do with the supernatural and have been obsessed with The paranormal since I was young.
  • Trick or treating. I loved this as a kid and have great memories of going dressed as a witch with my Nan, and cousins and coming back home with loads of sweets and money.
  • Pumpkin Carving. It’s a tradition that I will carry on doing even though I’m not very good at it.

Outfit Details 

  • Black lace high neck Victoriana Style – Primark -£15 
  • Red Suede Chelsea Boots – Primark  – £18 
  • Floral headband with veil – Claire’s accessories – £10 (old). 

Makeup Details 

Picture from Pinterest

For Halloween makeup I was inspired by the picture above. I don’t own any fancy Halloween or special effects makeup. I’m no expert at applying makeup and this looked pretty easy to interpret into something that I could do.  I just applied my normal face makeup etc foundation concealer and powder. I then did my normal eye makeup routine on one eye. For the rest of the makeup I just used a black eyeliner to draw the black lines. I used a red lipstick for the lips and red patterns and applied with a thin makeup brush. I then used a cream-white eyeshadow primer  and a fine pencil brush to draw the white pattern. I’m not a makeup artist and I’m ok at makeup so it’s not brilliant and not exactly like the picture inspiration.

Do you like Halloween ?? What’s your favourite thing about the Holiday?? 

* would like to say a big thankyou to my partner for taking these pictures for me and supporting me ( 📸 -@scanny8). Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, Facebook and twitter for chats, exclusive pictures etc. 

Thanks for Reading

Nicolle 💋

OOTD – Summer In Autumn 🍂 

Hiyah My Beauty’s, how was your weekend? Here in The UK this weekend we had sunshine and it felt like summer again ☀️. You could say it was the calm before the storm as Monday came around so did Storm Ophelia, returning the UK to dark wet and windy weather which we are accustomed to.

The Trend Behind The Outfit

This weekend we had a heat wave in the UK and it saw the summer return. If your like me I’d already transitioned my wardrobe into Autumn so most of my summer clothes were in storage. Luckily I’ve kept this dress in my wardrobe as it looked great in the Summer teamed with sandals, and will also look great in colder weather with boots and tights.  I think this outfit is perfect for a summer’s day in Autumn don’t you?

Outfit Details 

  • Dress – Primark £13
  • Blazer -Primark £25
  • Boots – Primark £18
  • Bag – Primark £ 7
  • Sunglasses – Primark £3
  • Choker (pack of 2 ) – Primark £2.50
  • Earrings – Primark £3

What are your favourite picks from Primark? 

September Favourites 

Hi my lovelies, can you believe we’re in October already? It’s now already, time to start thinking about the C word…..Christmas!!! I love Christmas 🎄 so I’m happy.  September was a good month for me and saw me consciously re-couple with my long time partner.  September also saw me buy more things than usual, yes that is possible because hey it’s Autumn and a girl needs to update her Wardrobe and Beauty stuff right?/. How was your September?? What items did you love last month ?? Comment below and let me know!! 💋

Beauty Favourites 

Solait Exress Tan Dark 

So at the end of August I was lucky to go away to my Nan’s caravan on the East Coast and I forgot to fake tan before i went and I also forgot to pack my tan. I feel better with a tan plus I was staying with my Sister (Click here to visit her blog) and my Brother who had both been on holiday so I looked even paler than normal compared to them. So an emergency trip to Superdrug was needed. I didn’t want to spend a fortune on tanning products as the month before I’d bought the BondiSands tan. (see review here).  After reading the bottle this tan claims to be

• lightweight, fast-absorbing and quick drying formula can be depending on your desired shade be washed off after 1-3 hours.

• enriched with Aloe Vera, Glycerin & Vitamin E to help moisturise the skin for long-lasting results.

•transfer resistant and non-streak finish

•lasts for days

•with guide colour

• tropical scent

I picked this tan based on these claims and I wasn’t disappointed plus I’ve not tried an express tan before so I was keen to try as I was gonna be short of time. This tan does have a nice tropical scent a bit similar to a sunscreen lotion. It’s not as nice or strong-smelling as the Bondisands tan. The smell does fade as the tan develops and you get a slight digestive biscuit smell. As the tan is dark when you apply it, you can see where you’ve applied so you can make sure it’s rubbed in nicely and theirs no white bits. The first time I used this tan I only left it on an hour it left me with a subtle tan, as I like to be dark I now leave it on for the full 3 hours, which leaves behind a darker natural looking tan that fades evenly. My skin feels moisturised after using this tan.

NYX Epic Ink Liner (black)

The nib on this eyeliner pen makes applying my winged eyeliner easier than other eyeliner’s that I have used as it’s quite thin. It’s smudge-proof, which is ideal as I always end up with eyeliner in my crease throughout the day. This eyeliner also lasts all day and doesn’t fade and it’s waterproof.

Smashbox Cover Shot Eye Pallete in Ablaze

I’ve wanted this pallete since my birthday in February but I resisted the urge and regretted it since cuz every time I went in boots after it was out of stock. So the last time I went to boots, it was thankfully in stock. It’s the most expensive eyeshadow pallete I own and I can definitely tell the difference from high-end to high street. First of all the picture above doesn’t do the pallete any justice. The colours are beautiful & it’s the perfect eye pallete for autumn featuring a mixture of golds, browns, purples & oranges. The colours are super pigmented, easy to blend and lasts all day.

Fashion Favourites

Red Coat from Primark (pictured above)

I love Primark lately they’ve really upped their fashion game. I recently popped in primark just for a few essentials but as usual came out with a bag full, well 2 bags full (oops). If you would like to see a primark haul leave me a comment. As I’ve featured in a previous blog post (click Here) about red being the “IT” colour of AW17. As that being the case I couldn’t resist picking up this eye-catching bright red tailored coat. I spent a few minutes ummming and arrrrring about whether I should buy it as I have a wardrobe full of coats as it is and well I’m running out of space. When I saw the price and that it was only £25 I couldn’t argue with that could I? It looks more expensive than its price tag (starts singing Jessie J, where has she got to anyway??). It’s perfect for autumn as it’s not super thick to wear now and come winter you can wear layers underneath.

Red Suede Chelsea Boots (pictured above)
I also picked up this beautiful red suede Chelsea boots that match the coat perfectly and These boots are a great buy if you want to add a pop of colour to an outfit. I’ll Just let the picture do the talking for me about why i love these boots.

So that’s it my September Favourites what were yours ??

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Nicolle 💋