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OOTD – How To Survive An Heatwave In The U.K.

Hi my beauties, hope all is well? For the last few weeks, England has been enjoying glorious weather and even seen some areas reach over 26 degrees. If you’re not from the Uk you might be thinking what that’s still cold but over here that’s bikini weather. We have to make most of the sunshine. This post will hopefully help you do that and fingers crossed provide you with outfit inspiration.


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1. Prepare for the weather.

So the weather person has predicted an heatwave and it’s going to be hot. Your first thought is Yippee finally we get some sunshine after what felt like the longest and coldest winter. Your second thought is shit I’m not prepared for this weather, what am I gonna wear, my legs are as white as a ghost. So what to do, go look in the wardrobe and see if you have any summer-appropriate clothes like shorts, dresses, and if you don’t like getting your legs out, linen trousers are good as there are lightweight. If you don’t have any summer-appropriate clothes ASOS, Boohoo and Missguided all do summer-appropriate clothes on a budget and deliver next day. If your like me and feel more confident looking like a bronzed goddess then the tans I recommend are

  • Garnier Summer Body Light Gradual Tan Moisturiser – when used daily this tan will gradually give you a natural looking tan. It has a nice apricot smell and leaves your skin feeling moisturised.
  • Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam Dark – This tan when left on for a few hours ( i leave it on overnight) will give you a nice natural looking tan what is not orange shaded at all. Smells like holiday in a bottle.
  • Solait Express Tan Dark – This tan is great for when you need to look tanned in a matter of hours. i simply apply and wash off 3 hours and i look like i’ve been sunning it up in the love island villa. It also has a nice tropical scent.

If the weathers nice, while you are not at work now, is the time to prepare your plans and if your planning on a BBQ I’d recommend inviting friends and family now because if you leave it to last minute I guarantee everyone will already be going elsewhere either to a BBQ or a beer garden or have other plans. When you know what your plans are and the number of guests, make a shopping list and shop as soon as possible otherwise if you leave it until the day of the hot weather, BBQ food will be out of stock just like here in the winter when everyone panic buys bread and milk it happens in summer but with bbq food us brits are crazy right.

2. Dress for the weather

Thanks, to the first step your now prepared for the weather your summer clothes are out of storage or your panic buy online is complete and you kinda have an idea of what to wear. Before getting ready I tend to think about what activities am I going to be doing today? If I’m working I can’t wear my shorts or a short summer dress so I tend to wear a midi dress or linen trousers. If I’m going to the pub I wear a summer dress and sandals and if we’re going to a family bbq or walk it’s shorts, t-shirt and trainers. One thing I would say to always carry in your bag is a jacket or cardi as later in the evening the weather tends to get cooler and we all end up huddling under the heater or fighting over who’s gonna wear the jacket next that the one smart person in the group thought to bring. Also bring a hat, shades and SPF.

3. Stay Hydrated

One of the most important steps is to remember to stay hydrated and drink plenty of alcohol water!! Here in the UK the first sign of sun and us Brits are off down to the local pub or having a bbq and drinking anything alcohol related. You might think because your drinking lots of alcohol your staying hydrated but in fact alcohol dehydrates you so drink water in between to stay hydrated and not feel as drunk because I personally find drinking in the sun makes you get drunk quicker. Trust me if you keep drinking water in between you will thank me for it in the morning.

4. Have fun!!

The most important step of all is to have fun and make the most of the sunny weather because it’s a rare thing but remember to stay safe. if you’re at work and you’re allowed to leave the building on your lunch hour get outta there and go for a walk. My favourite thing to do when the weathers nice is either go for a family bbq, take the daughter for a walk and to the park and if child-free go the beer garden as I like a pint or seven.

5. Moan about how warm it is

In true British style, we moan about the weather when it’s too cold and when it’s too hot. Is it just me or does the sun feel hotter over here than abroad?

OOTD – Style Staples Part 2

Hi my Beauties, hope all is well. Welcome to my new site!! I finally took the plunge and have finally gone self-hosted, if there are any problems with viewing my content and anything you think needs improving, please let me know in the comment section. anyways today’s post is all about my Spring Fashion Essentials part two. Today’s OOTD features a classic outfit that probably most of us have in our wardrobes as it’s a timeless look that never goes out of style and is perfect for this time of year then keep reading. For OOTD – Style Staples Part 1 (Click Here),

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Outfit Details

My Spring Fashion Essentials Part 2

Trench Coats

Trench coats first gained popularity in World War 1 and World War 2 as they were worn by British and French soldiers, as there were favoured over the wool coats as they were too heavy to drag through the trenches. Hence the coat became known as the trench coat. The trench coat has also featured in some iconic movie scenes in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Casablanca. The classic trench coat became popular for women from the 1960’s right till present day, as stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Bridgette Bardot all wore the classic jacket. The reason the trench coat is so popular and stands the test of the time as a classic wardrobe is that it can be dressed up or down, Jackie Kennedy wore the trench coat over a ball gown and Jane Birkin wore it with denim, ballet flats and a straw bag. For me, it’s a classic piece that will never not be in my wardrobe as it never goes out of style, looks good with anything and Is perfect for the spring season with the unpredictable British weather.

My Top Trench Coat picks From The High Street

  1. ASOS Classic Trench Coat 2. RI Cropped Trench Jacket  3. Missy Empire Black Vinyl Trench Jacket 4. Girls On Film Twill Trench Coat


Once a time stripes were reserved only for prisoners, clowns, prostitutes and the condemned. In the 19th century, stripes became chic thanks to people like sailors and Queen Victoria. Queen Victoria dressed her 4-year-old son Albert in a sailor suit to board the royal yacht. From this day people adore it when children wear stripes and nautical. My mum dressed me in a sailor dress and it’s something I dress my own daughter in. The striped ”Breton” shirt became popular in the mid 19th century thanks to Breton workers and still is as popular today. It was in the 20th century that nautical stripes first became fashionable thanks to the legend that is CoCo Chanel, inspired by her trip to the French Riveria and inspired by the sailor’s outfits she launched the first nautical collection. Famous iconic film stars such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Bridgette Bardot all rocked the classic stripe. In the 1990s the classic Breton tee was labelled a grunge staple thanks to the late Kurt Cobain. For me, a classic striped tee is something that I will always have in my wardrobe as it’s a timeless classic that never goes out of style. You can pair the classic tee with denim, flats trench coat and a straw bag for a classic Parisian look.

My Top Striped Picks From The High Street

  1. RI Striped Wedge Heeled Sandals 2. ASOS Striped Ruffle Wrap Tea Maxi Dress 3. ASOS Halter Swing Striped Sundress 4. ASOS Bardot Rainbow Striped Sundress 5. ASOS Frill Hem Striped Jumpsuit 6. ASOS Striped Tailored Culottes 7. New Look Petite Paperbag Striped Skirt  8. New Look Breton Striped Heart Tee


The first interpretation of jeans wasn’t denim at all but a canvas fabric and worn and loved by workmen and miners. Levis Strauss switched to blue dye denim that we all know and love. He then introduced rivets to stop them fraying. Levis eventually went branded and mainstream and he removed some of the rivets for daily fashion comfort. Lee jeans then added embellishments like the zipper fly. In the 1880s after the success of the humble denim jeans, Levi Strauss introduced a top to match which we now know and love as the Denim Jacket. In the 1950s jeans became famous with rebels like James Dean wearing them this made them popular with male teens and led to some schools banning denim as it was seen as what rebels wore ( think the t-birds in Grease). In 1960’s thanks to famous Hollywood legend that was Marilyn Monroe wearing jeans, it inspired other women to wear them.

Timeline of denim evolution

  • The 1950s and 1960s – baggy dad jeans
  • The 1970s – wide flares and Bell Bottoms. In the 1970s denim skirts, we’re first introduced as people recycled old jeans into long denim skirts. Over time the classic denim skirt has evolved with hemlines getting shorter, wild designs and embellishments.
  • The The The 1980s – mum jeans and acid wash
  • The The The 1990s – lighter washes, and frayed hems and holes.
  • The 2000s – low waists, embroidery, and faded thighs.
  • Present day – we cooperate all the trends but skinny jeans, mum jeans rule the streets.

For me, denim will always have a place in my heart and wardrobe with denim jackets, jeans, shorts and skirts all taking up room in my wardrobe. Denim is such a classic piece that never seems to go out of style and with so much variation there’s a style out there to suit everybody.


My Top Denim Picks From the High Street

  1. Boohoo Oversized Denim Jacket 2. ASOS Black Denim Jacket With Studs & Embroidery 3. New Look A-Line Button Down Denim Skirt. 4.Boohoo Black Pearl Embellished Denim Mini Skirt 5. Bershka High Waisted Denim Shorts 6. ASOS Denim Western Shirt 7.Stradivarius Denim Dungaree Dress 8. Liquor n Poker Denim Jumpsuit.

What are the Spring staples that you wear every year?

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