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Monthly Favourites

Hi my beauties, hope we are all safe and well and adjusting to our new normal, as governments across the world put some restrictions in place on our lives and freedoms of many things that we all took for granted. Here in the UK we are on lock-down and have been since the 23rd March with all non- essential shops closing, pubs, restaurants, theaters etc even Mcdonalds, KFC and my beloved Greggs all closing their doors to the public. We are also only allowed to leave the house for a number of reasons such as essential shopping etc food, medical reasons and daily exercise and must refrain from visiting family and friends who don’t share the same household. I think for many of us that’s the hardest thing about all of this is not’s the businesses closing, or the not being allowed to leave the house that’s the hardest it’s the feeling of isolation and feeling a disconnection with others especially our loved ones and family but if we all stick together, follow the rules and stay home we can help save the lives of our loved ones and many families loved ones and as our beloved Queenie said we will all meet again, (I mean what a style icon she is, that green dress and orange lipstick).
Given the current climate and state of affairs I was unsure if to still post about beauty and fashion but I’ve decided still to post for a number of reasons 1) it keeps me busy and sane as i’m currently not working and I suck at home-schooling apparently all them years of me playing teacher as a child count for nothing 2) in hope that it might provide you with a nice welcome break from reality. In today’s blog post I will be sharing you with my recent months monthly favourites.

Disclaimer : All products that are present in the Shop my sections contain affiliate links all this means that if you choose to purchase an item using these links i earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.  

Skincare Favourites

These days you can’t read a skincare article or listen to a skincare guru like Caroline Hirons without hearing or reading the word Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a wonder product that really works and is a wonder multi-tasker product that can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and reduce dark spots and hyper-pigmentation. How does Vitamin C work you may ask? Well vitamin C is a potent Anti-oxidant that neutralizes free radicals. Free radicals are molecules that cause damage to the skin such as UV rays and pollution. The body shop peel is a gel to peel formula that targets pollutants that are left sitting on the skin to rid skin of dull, tired skin leaving skin with a healthy glow. The PH level of the formula also helps release surface cells. The bottle contains 145ml of product and you only need 1 to 2 pumps one to three times a week. I personally use it once a week so the product will last a long time. You get visible instant results as you can see the dead skin been removed leaving behind healthy glowing skin. It’s not too harsh and I have fairly sensitive skin. The smell is not too overpowering but citrus enough to still be refreshing. If your a fake tan user, I would recommend using the peel when close to removing as if not your tan will end up patchy. Trust me that what I’m here for to make the mistakes do you don’t have to.

I received a small sample size of this product when I purchased some of their products in store. I loved this product and will at some point repurchase this serum. I loved it so much I literally got every last drop from this bottle. This serum left my skin hydrated smoother and glowy. I could do with this serum right now as my skin is drier than the Sahara desert due to this lock-down. The formula is enriched with three plant stem cells and helps protect from indoor and outdoor pollutants. The formula is also non-comedogenic meaning it won’t block pores which can lead to breakouts and blackheads. I used one to two drops of this on an evening after double cleansing and before my moisturiser. My skin looked smoother and plumper in the morning.

Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil

The Rosehip oil by Pai is rich in omegas and anti -oxidants that help regenerate skin without irritation, to help improves skin firmness and elasticity, and help promote a clear even skin tone. This formula by Pai is also cruelty free and vegan and also certified organic by the soil association meaning it’s also eco-friendly. I use one to two drops of this oil at the end of my nightly skin care routine, so after my night moisturizer. When I first started using this product I noticed that my skin was starting to breakout which I later discovered to be that it was purging.
What does purging mean??
Purging is the term given when your skin breaks out due to a product that increases cell turnover such as retinoids or AHA acids and this oil. The end goal of these products is to reveal younger glowing skin beneath, however for the product to work in the short term it may cause you to break out as it clears out the gunk that is blocked under the skin bringing it to the surface quicker with the increased cell turnover. However you may find that as your skin gets used to the product and your pores get clearer the product causes less breakout and leaves behind smoother, radiant-looking skin.
I carried on using this product despite the breakouts because for 1) mama didn’t raise a quitter and 2) I’m a cheapskate and didn’t want this expensive product to go to waste. I’m so glad I decided to carry on using it as it was just my skin purging. My skin whenever I use this product feels more smoother, the lines on my forehead look less noticeable and my skin looks more radiant. The only downside to this product is the smell it smells like earth but for the benefits you get over it.

Nivea Body lotion - Cherry Blossom & Jojoba Oil

Nivea beauty products have long been a staple in my beauty cupboard, cheap and cheerful but with great results. This new body lotion formula has all the benefits of an oil but with a lotion formula, meaning it absorbs into the skin faster than a oil would. This lotion leaves my skin so soft and silky for hours (the day after). i use this daily along with my other holy grail beauty staple coconut oil. i use the coconut oil on my problem areas such as thighs and tummy but use this lotion elsewhere, it leaves my skin looking more supple and smoother. It also has a great subtle spring scent of cherry blossom. 

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Makeup Favourites

Smashbox Cover Shot Eye Palette - Petal Metal

I love these smashbox eyeshadow palettes as their handbag size friendly but contain eight pigment packed eyeshadows in a range of different formulas and finishes so you can create a variety of different looks on the go. My recent addition to my collection is the Petal Metal. A selection of petal soft rose gold shades with two matte shades, and six cashmere -like  metallics. i love these eyeshadows as there are highly pigmented, easy to apply and blend. I also love this palette as its the colours i wear daily and i can create a subtle day look or create a bold bronze smoky eye for a night look. The eyeshadow aslo lasts quite well on my hooded eyes without primer. Here are the shades: 

  • Fresh Stem – a metallic champagne gold.
  • Opal Rose – a pink metallic highlight.
  •  Nude Rose – a Matte warm light brown.
  •  Rose Quartz – a metallic warm rose gold.
  • Floral Support – a metallic copper red gold.
  • Rose Rocked – a metallic cool rose gold.
  • XO, Vlada – metallic copper mauve.
  • Coffee Blossom – matte cool dark brown.
Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation - 53 Light Beige

After seeing the rave reviews online about the bourjois foundations and learning that they would be soon not be available here in the UK i purchased this foundation along with a few other cult favorites of theirs. The foundation i wanted wasn’t however in stock in my shade so i took a chance and picked up this one instead. Whilst this foundation hasn’t got the same cult following as the Bourjois healthy mix foundation, this foundation wasn’t a disappointment. This foundation has a gel like texture which provides skin with a light to medium natural looking finish.  the formula is also enriched with vitamin rich fruits such as lychee, goji- berries and pomegranate which are known fore their anti-oxidant properties. I found this foundation easy to apply and easy to blend it left my skin with a light coverage, it covered up my imperfections and redness but didn’t cover up my freckles. it left skin looking dewy and radiant and didn’t look cakey or settle into my fine lines. if your looking for a light to medium foundation that leaves kin looking dewy and radiant i recommend buying this.

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Fashion Favourites

Boucle Pearl Blazer

I loved wearing this jacket before lock-down, you know the time before when most of us got ready and didn’t just sit around in our lounge-wear or pajamas and got dressed to do other things beside shopping and going to sit in the garden. Before lock-down my social life was pretty hectic for once so if i had a night out or a brunch date i’d put this blazer on and my outfit looked instantly more polished. With its boucle texture, oversized feel and pearl detailing this jacket looks way more expensive than its price tag and resembles a Balmain blazer. 

Faux Leather Trousers

Another fashion favourite before lock-down and what i wore non-stop was these faux leather trousers with paper-bag belted waist detailing. i love these trousers as i find that the paper-bag detailing on the waist flatters my figure. I love how easy their are to wear you can style them up for a night out with a fancy top and heels and jacket or wear them dressed down with a slogan or band t.shirt and trainers for a casual day look.

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Lifestyle Favourites

What Happens In New York - Kristina Adams

I recently enjoyed reading this feel good romance book about fame, friendship and fashion in What Happens In New York. The book was about two friends Hollie and Fayth and after life at home gets too much the best friends escape from reality and head to the Big Apple. They could never expect what happens next, from meeting Hollywood royalty and achieving their wildest dreams. Join Hollie & Fayth and go along for the ride. The book is light hearted and entertaining you end up laughing at and feeling for both characters as they go through their real struggles which help keep this story relatable. 

Prescription Glasses

Since my last monthly favorites i finally took the plunge and got my eyes tested as their were getting to the point that it was having a big impact on my daily life from not being able to see the t.v or see peoples faces properly. Honestly i’m so glad i got my eyes tested as i can now see things clearly and its like seeing everything in HD. I can see all the details of my child’s face, the leaves on the trees outside, i can watch TV without squinting and not being able to see peoples faces. I also enjoy going to the theaters more as i can actually see whats happening. i wish i’d have got my eyes tested sooner. The glasses also suit me and i like how i can change my look up by picking my different pairs of glasses. 

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