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Summer Beauty & Lifestyle favorites

Hi my beauties, hope all is well. Buckle up today’s post is a long one. so get comfy grab a cuppa or a cheeky bevvy (no judgement here), and get ready to read all about the products i loved and used this Summer, some are new discoveries and some are old favourites. Most of the products i will carry on using well into the colder months.

Disclaimer: All of the products featured were bought with my own money and all opinions are expressed are my own & i  will always be honest with you my readers. All products that are shoppable contain affiliate links all this means is that if you choose to purchase a product using this link i earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.


Makeup Favourites

Garnier SkinActive BB Cream Original - Medium

As a long time fan of wearing tinted moisturisers rather than foundation i didn’t think any product would take the place of my long beloved friend, Nivea’s  tinted moisturiser Day Cream, but i was wrong and now found myself reaching for this BB cream in place of my old friend. WHY?? well for starters this product has more skincare benefits like a higher SPF of 15, and contains Vitamin C. But the main reason was that it provided me with more coverage (medium) that was natural looking and dewy while evening out my complexion and reducing redness. It also left skin feeling soft without feeling too heavy on the skin. I loved wearing this in place of a foundation in the summer as it left my skin looking glowy and give me the right amount of coverage. So i’m sorry to say my old friend Nivea tinted moisturiser that the time has come to say goodbye its not you its me but you just don’t suit my needs anymore, theirs a product that suits me more, has more glow and coverage and an higher SPF, but don’t worry my friend i will always look back on our 13 years of friendship with fondness as you got me through my teenage years, and saw me transform into the adult that i am now (i use the term adult loosely) but for now my friend its farewell.

Stila Slay All Day 10 In 1 HD Illuminating Beauty Balm

This wonder product contains a broad spectrum SPF 30 and claims to be water resistant for up to 80 minutes & contains the active ingredients Octinate 5% & Zinc Oxide 18.6% with the  pure purpose of sunscreen . The beauty balm also claims to contain micro sphere particles that reduce the appearance of fine lines & imperfections.  It also contains Tripeptide 37 which claims to improves skin tone and texture and stimulate collage production.  It also says its infused with antioxidants to educe the effect of free-Radical damage especially pollution.It also provides skin with a natural sheer coverage that illuminates and primes for a radiant glow that gets rid of redness.

When i first used this product i wasn’t impressed as i just didn’t understand it all. What was it? it was too sheer for a foundation and too heavy for a moisturiser, but after understanding the importance of using sunscreen everyday & antioxidants. This product saved me money & time from buying & applying numerous products to get the benefits of this one product. It doesn’t feel as heavy on the skin or greasy as some sunscreens can. It applies like a tinted moisturiser leaving skin glowy & covers redness but has less coverage than the BB cream. i sometimes used this on my own or mixed with the BB cream. Overall this product was an hero product that left my skin feeling soft and hydrated and protected my face from burning.

Smashbox Be Legendary Matte Lipstick - FireBall

After seeing Khloe Kardashian wearing the most amazing orange/Red lipstick i immediately set about trying to find that said lipstick and thanks to the google gods i found it but to my dismay the said lipstick was Tom Ford – Flame and £40. I mean i love lipstick but dropping £40 on a lipstick is crazy even if it is Tom Ford. So i was a woman on a mission in Boots (Meadowhall), and found this beauty a bright orange/red i decided to go for a more orange lipstick with red undertones rather than the other way around. This lipstick is not too drying on the lips like other matte lipsticks can be. The lipstick is high pigmented and provides lips with a bold colour in just one swipe. It doesn’t last ten hours that it claims as it does fade but it fades quite evenly. The packaging is black and sleek and the lid stays on secure so no lipstick all over your stuff in bag and a missing lid. A perfect bold lipstick for summer as it looked great with a tan. 

L'oreal Paris Infallible Shaping Stick Foundation - 210 Cappuccino

I love this foundation stick but i bought a darker shade to use as a bronzer shade to  contour and warmth to my face.  I use this daily even on days when i’m wearing little else as just adding a little warmth and definition to my face makes me feel better. It easy to use and blends super easily however i do have to be careful and be light handed otherwise i can look like a pumpkin. 

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

One of the best drugstore mascaras that i have tried and trust me i have tried a lot. The brush reaches the tiniest of lashes coating every lash with a blacker than black wet formula that provides lashes with va-va volume and length. I have yet to try the waterproof one to see if its as good as the normal one but i will be trying it. On most days this is the mascara that i reach for come rain or shine. This mascara did well this summer as i suffer from eyes that water (pollen i’m looking at you) but this mascara holded up well and i didnt end up with panda eyes. 

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Skincare Favourites

Lacura Vitamin C Hot Cloth Polish

Over the summer i was in Aldi and after seeing much hype surrounding their original hot cloth polish with people comparing it to the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Polish Cleanser. After seeing all the hype around the added skincare benefits of Vitamin C which helps to brighten skin tone and firm skin as it renews the skin surface and defends the skin against free radicals as it’s an antioxidant. So when i saw this cleanser with the added benefits of Vitamin C and at only £2.99 it went straight into my basket my only regret is that i didn’t buy more as it was limited edition, fingers crossed that it comes back as i love it. It removes my makeup easily even waterproof mascara. It’s not harsh on the skin and leaves my skin feeling smooth and my skin looks visibly more radiant and brighter after using this cleanser morning and night. it also has a nice orange scent that’s not too overpowering. i will definitely be trying more of Aldis own brand skincare.

Malibu SPF 50 Face Cream

After discovering the importance of wearing sunscreen everyday even in winter and on days when inside as harmful sun-rays  can penetrate through windows. Skincare and makeup with added SPF doesn’t provide our skin with the protection that we need. i thought it was about time that i invested in my skin health and protect it from sun damage that is one of the leading cause of aging the skin prematurely. Now trying to find a facial SPF that was cheap as chips and was photo-stable and non-whitening was harder to find that was until i picked up this beauty in Home Bargains for less than a meal deal. this cream is easy to apply as its not too greasy and doesn’t break me out. its also is photo-stable and doesn’t look white on skin and makeup applies and sits nicely on top. Its also protects from UVA and UVB damage and has a 4 star superior UVA rating. UVA is the sun-rays that are damaging all year around and can penetrate windows and cause DNA damage to our skin. If you invest in one thing make it an SPF, you wont regret it and your older self will thank your younger self.

Boots Botanics All Brightening Range Serum & Night Cream

I really have enjoyed using boots botanics all brightening skincare range as it does exactly what it says on tin just like Ronseal as using these two makes my skin look visibly more brighter and radiant as both contain AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) that helps skin get rid of dead skin cells and hibiscus flower extract that helps to brighten skin , improve skin texture and radiance.

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Body Care Favourites

Westlab Cleansing Bath Salts - Himalayan Salt

This year we finally moved into an house that had a bath after just having a shower for three years i was so excited to be able to use bath products like bath bombs, bubble bath and bath salts. After seeing famous you-tubers rave about bath salts i picked up these not expecting much after previously trying some that were just meh. These however are brilliant and i use a cupful or two of these twice a week and let me tell you after using these my skin looks and feels smoother and texture has improved and somehow i look slimmer as i suffer from water retention and i think these bath salts help, not only do they help with skin they help me relax and help me sleep better. These bath salts can also be used s a bath soak like i use them or as a body scrub, shampoo, skincare and DIY beauty. With over 80 minerals that help promote healthy, radiant looking skin. The bath salts are also vegan, cruelty free , natural and responsibly sourced. These are now a staple in my bathroom cabinet and are not expensive.

Boots Botanics Detox Body Brush

Aswell as using the bath salts to keep my skin looking its absolute best i use this brush a couple of times a week. The soft bristle brush when used on dry skin either before or after a shower or bath, helps to remove dead skin help with circulation and improve skin texture and can reduce the appearance of cellulite. when i use this brush in conjunction with the bath salts my skin looks and feels smoother  and looks the best it can. It can also help remove toxins from the skin and help with water retention. I’m so glad i bought mine.

Vita loco Coconut Oil

if your a long time reader, then you will know how much i love this product and it will need no introduction, if not then let me just say this product is my holy grail bathroom cabinet essential. I use this as an body oil in the ares where i have bad stretch marks, when i apply this oil it makes my skin look visibly smoother and the stretch marks not as visible. I also use this as an hair mask and it leaves my hair soft and shiny. One thing i would not recommend though is applying the oil before sunbathing because you will burn, learn from my mistakes people. Their are many other reasons to use this coconut oil as well, from oil pulling, cuticle oil and a makeup remover, also you can use it to cook with.

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Fake Tan Favourites

Skinny Tan Dual Sided Luxury Tanning Mitt

This dual sided velour mitt changed the way i applied fake tan, before i bought this mitt i was forever having to repurchase mitts as they had ripped or managed to tan my hands. However i have had this tanning mitt for two years and washed it and reused it many times and its still like new and doesn’t tan my hands. It has a velvet feel and allows a smooth even application when applying tan. the only downside i have is that it probably absorbs more tan than other mitts due to its velour material.

Bondi Sands Express 1 Hour Self Tanning Foam

Another product that has featured many times before is the Bondi Sand Self tanning foam , however this one is the express tan so i only have to leave it on for an hour to get a dark tan meaning no more going to bed stinking of biscuits and staining sheets or you can leave it on for 2- 3 hours for a darker tan. (or if your really lazy like me and you apply before bed you can sleep in it and it wont make you look like an oompa lumpa. This tan has a nice coconut smell while applying but same as every fake tan as it develops you will get that biscuit smell but its not overpowering like some tans can be. It has a colour guide when applying something i find very useful so i know i haven’t missed a bit (nothing worse than streaky white patches is their when your trying to convince people its all naturel. It develops leaving a nice natural looking tan nothing too dark or orange and fades gradually after a week not leaving you looking like tiger bread. I love this tan and will buy when ever its on offer.

Garnier Ambre Solaire Self Tan Face Mist - Intense

After many years of just applying normal fake tan to my face and looking like an oompa lumpa if it didn’t go right and it settling into my pores and causing me to break out. i decided it was time to invest in fake tan for the face, i was skeptic at first about trying this as i thought a mist would be hard to use and i’d end up patchy, but that coudn’t be further away from the truth. Its super easy to use i just hold it about 40 CM’s from my face and spray the can from left to right. Then leave my face to dry without touching it. If you have fair hair you may want to remove excess tan from your hairline and eyebrows using a cotton bud. I normally apply during the days when i don’t plan on wearing any makeup and leave it to develop for a couple of ours before washing my face. Its leaves behind a nice natural looking tan that’s not patchy and you can gradually build it up to suit your tanning colour needs. It also doesn’t block my pores and cause me to break out.

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Lifestyle Favourites

I Heart Hawaii - Lindsay Kelk

i bought this book after a recommendation from Emma Guns after hearing her talk about it on the Emma Guns Show. After listening to Lindsay Kelk on the Full Coverage Podcast and possibly fan girling over her a teeny bit (o.k a lot), i sat down to read this book, its the last in the I heart series and as i hadn’t read any of the others in the series i was worried if i would be able to follow the story but i was able to. I Heart Hawaii tells the story of Angela a woman on the brink of having it all, but navigating life struggles such as having the perfect life balance between work, baby husband and social life is a lot harder than Angela anticipated so when Jenny Angela’s BBF suggests  a free press trip to Hawaii it sounded like the perfect break from the reality of trying to juggle it all, but Angela should have known better sometimes things come at a cost and a big one at that.I read this book over two days this summer and i loved it i lost myself in this book i was sat in the middle of a field in the countryside but i felt like i was in Hawaii i’m sure the heatwave probably helped with that. Its a perfect chick lit and light hearted and funny. I admire Lindsay’s writing techniques and how she manages to combine the two cultures of America and England (Yorkshire) in there and also combine a mixture of old and the new with references that only people of a certain age will understand. I also love how i could relate to Angela’s character as a mum trying to navigate the world and the feeling of mum guilt. I’m looking forward to reading rest of the I Heart Series and have I Heart New York on my list.

Water Tracker Water Bottle

Another Aldi middle aisle special buy. now one of my goals since erm, forever is to drink more water so when i so this cute cup that not only had cute design and motivation quote – I can and I will. It  also has time on to keep you on track for drinking the recommended amount of 2 Liters a day. This water bottles holds 800 ml of water and when using this i manage to drink at least a liter and for someone who can go all day and realise they may have drank only a coffee all day that is a major improvement. The only downside is that its too large for most of my handbags.


I’m an avid listener of various podcasts i love them and i find listening to podcast a act of self-care and not only do these motivate me and teach me something new, i can also listen to them while carrying out other tasks such as cleaning, work and writing blog posts. I will write a blog post soon about my favourite podcasts as their are too many to mention and i think this post has been long enough don’t you?Here are my favourite podcasts:

  •  The Emma Guns Show
  • Full Coverage 
  • Life & Lipstick 
  • Outspoken Beauty
What products are you using at the moment that you love? let me know in the comments.
Thanks For Reading 
Nicolle x

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