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What I Got For Christmas 2017.

Hi, my beauty’s. Happy New Year!! Hope you all enjoyed Christmas if you celebrate it and if not hope you enjoyed the break. I love reading what I got for Christmas and Birthday posts. I know there’s a love-hate relationship with them as there can be seen as bragging but personally, I see it as more sharing the love for your gifts and showing appreciation. I was so spoilt and lucky this year to receive many beautiful gifts from family. I am truly grateful to you all for the presents that you chose and it just shows that you know me well. So thank you again. I just want to say for me Christmas isn’t about just presents, but spending time with loved ones and am grateful that I get to do that.

Dune Red Crossbody bag

So a red bag was on my Christmas list and I wasn’t disappointed when received This beauty as it’s the perfect red colour, spacious and feels good quality and looks more expensive than it’s price-tag.

Red Suedette Gloves

Another item that was on my list was a pair of red gloves, if you haven’t noticed by now (if you follow my blog or on social media) I love Red. These gloves are touch-screen compatible because of theirs nothing worse than having to remove your gloves so you can answer that call.

River Island Red Purse.

I love this purse I was so happy I received this purse. I actually had my eye on this bag, I didn’t know there had the purse. It’s a high-quality purse feels expensive and looks expensive. I just love it.

Skinnydip Mojito Crossbody Bag

This bag is just me!!! I love quirky items like this (I also own a watering can handbag). Mojitos are also one of my favourite cocktails. I can’t wait to use this bag.

Zara pink pom-pom Bag Charm.

I love pink and I love pom-poms so I love this.

Skinnydip pink palm tree bag

How cute is this little bag especially with the palm tree charm. I can’t wait to use it.

Disney’s Beauty & the Beast Chip Mug

This item was on my gift guide. It’s even cuter in real life, holds the perfect amount of tea and also looks cute as a brush holder.

Real Techniques Enhanced Eye Set

These brushes have been on my list for a while now so I was so happy when I received these and so far there have not disappointed me.

Zara Grey Pearl Beanie Hat

In case you couldn’t tell I love hats any type of hats, any colour. I can’t wait to wear this and style it.

Grey Fur Ear Muffs

I was complaining that my ears are always cold and hurt in the cold and I always try them on in the shop without buying so I was chuffed when I received these.

Read this If you want to be Instagram Famous book.

Any book that gives tips on how to grow on Instagram is a winner in my eyes. I’m hoping this book will help me grow my Instagram following and give me useful photography tips which I need to work on.

Harry Potter Shirt and Short Pj set

I got over 6 pairs of PJs for Christmas. Believe it or not, I spend most of my time in pjs. I also love harry potter and own half of the Primark Harry Potter pj collection.

Tan shearling gloves.

One of my favourite coats that I wear is a tan shearling coat so a pair of gloves to match is great I like to be all matchy-matchy.

Tan shearling Ear-Muffs

Another pair of Ear-muffs to match my gloves and coat.

Morrocan tea glasses

How cute are these glasses featuring a Morrocan print? I don’t drink much green tea (I intend to start)? So so far I’ve been drinking G&T’s and other cocktail concussions from them.

Gold photo frame

This photo frame is a great addition to my other frame I also love the quote that is in the frame “she believed she could so she did. ”

Mustard flower tassel earrings

Expect to see these earrings a lot in the next few months.

Blogging for creatives book

I can’t wait to read this and learn more about blogging and improve my blog.

River Island lace-up vinyl boots

I love these boots I can’t wait to wear them so expect to see them on here soon.

Dune Black rose embroidered tote bag

This bag featured in my gift guide and the Other half must have read my blog and got me it (he’s a good un). I’ve used this bag nonstop since Christmas. It’s the perfect size for carrying my essentials and looks really expensive.

Zara black & white checked blanket scarf

Who doesn’t love a blanket scarf? Their come in really handy and can be used for a variety of things. I love the feel of this one and can’t wait to use it.

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