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Discovering Personal Style – 1) Style Inspiration

Hi, my beauties. Hope all is well? I started this little blog a little over a year ago and in this time I have posted over twenty-seven outfits. In me posting these twenty-seven outfits have been able to identify sorta what my personal style is and what style I’m drawn most towards.  In this Discovering Personal Style Part 1 post I will show you how I discovered my personal style using style inspiration from others and Pinterest.


Outfit Details 

  1. Finding who your style icons are and creating a mood board

The first step I did on Pinterest was I created a style icons and style inspiration board and just started pinning away any style and outfits I found cute and would wear. My style icons are Kate Moss, Stevie Nicks, Vanessa Hudgens and Emma Roberts. Who Are your Style Icons?

Kate Moss

Kate Moss is a Style icon for many, myself included theirs, not a look that she can’t seem to pull off. She’s renowned for her feminine but edgy effortless rock chic boho style. Typical items she’s seen in are leopard print, faux fur coats, ankle boots, black skinny jeans, blazers and bold prints.

Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks is the original Boho chick and her style is timeless. I mean how good did she look in American Horror Story The Coven?  I’ll be honest up until a few years ago I didn’t know who she was, (*hangs head in shame) until someone commented on an outfit that I was wearing and said it was very Stevie Nicks. I instantly went home and googled and well my love and admiration for this fashion Icon were sealed. Typical items of Stevie Nicks wardrobes are Kimonos, flares, boho peasant tops, gypsy skirts, headbands, etc

Vanessa Hudgens

Vannesa Hudgens always looks stylish from her bohemian looks to her edgier looks. I love her Coachella outfits. Her style often includes her wearing feminine boho maxi dresses with edgy leather jacket and shades or in all black ensembles but still with a laidback boho vibe.  Typical items she wears are maxi dresses, leather jackets, boho style dresses, patterned wide leg trousers etc.

Emma Roberts

I love Emma Roberts Style as she always looks so stylish and on trend but manages to put her own little spin on the look and completely make it her own. I think she has quite an edgy style as she adds quirky little accessories to make a look completely her own. Typical items she wears are cute little handle top handbags, cat-eye shades, cropped jeans, velvet heels, and she’s not afraid to experiment with different styles and prints.

2. Categorise Your pins And Style Icons

I then Categorised and identified which style my icons mostly wore and what fashion I tend to gravitate most towards from the list of different styles mentioned below.

Edgy Fashion  – If you like to set trends rather than follow trends. Edgy can also mean you like to mix fashion styles together, for example, you might wear a girly tea dress but add a biker jacket and biker boots to toughen up the look, or you might wear a bohemian maxi dress then add a preppy blazer. Typical items found in an edgy wardrobe are leather (faux leather items) jackets, biker boots, and statement pieces that make you stand out from the crowd

Bohemian fashion – Bohemian fashion takes inspiration from gypsy and hippie looks. Typical items found in a bohemian wardrobe are maxi skirts, dresses, floppy hats, ethnic style jewellery, slouchy boots and hobo bags. Famous people with bohemian style wardrobes include Vanessa Hudgens, The Olsen’s, Sienna Miller and Nicole Ritchie.

Grunge Fashion – Grunge fashion is the epitome of the don’t care look. Grunge fashion is somewhat a mixture of indie and rock fashion. Typical items found in a Grunge Wardrobe are plaid shirts, ripped jeans, slouchy cardigans ripped tights and dr martens and ditzy floral dresses.  Famous people with Grunge wardrobes are the late but legendary Kurt Cobain the man who inspired it all, Gwen Stefani and Taylor Momsen.

Trend focused – If your style is trend focused you tend to wear whatever is in fashion and stay up to date with all the trends. Typical items found in this wardrobe may include this seasons its fashion items.

Athleisure – Athleisure fashion is a style of clothing worn for athletic apparel but suitable for casual everyday wear. Typical items found in this wardrobe are tracksuits, leggings, sports tops and trainers.  Celebrities with Athleisure wardrobes are Rhianna, Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid

Minimalistic – Minimalism style means that you stick to a limited colour palette, wear simple clothes without no frills or wild prints and wear minimalist accessories. Celebrities with Minimalistic style include Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow and Sofia Coppola.

Classic – A simple elegant style that is timeless and not affected by changes in fashion. Items normally found in this wardrobe are simple but elegant pieces such as the LBD, trench coat, classic white shirt, court shoe etc. Famous people with classic style include the late but iconic Audrey Hepburn, Emma Watson and Kate Middleton.

AndrogynousAndrogynous fashion is a style that aims to avoid gender stereotypes and dress either typical of male or female style. Famous people with Androgynous wardrobes are David Bowie, Annie Lennox, Cara Delivigne, and Tilda Swinton.

Preppy  A person who favours or is viewed as favouring clothing style or behaviour associated with traditional preparatory schools. Famous people (characters) with preppy wardrobes include Blair Waldorf, Taylor Swift and Alexa Chung.

Vintage  Likes to dress like a particular era from the 1920s to 1990s clothing is often one-off pieces found at thrift shops. Famous people with Vintage wardrobes include Florence Welch and Dita Von- Teese.

3. Identify your Label.

Thirdly after Categorising your Style icons and images into different categories, you might be able to see what style you are drawn more too. For Example, you might have more pins in the Classic mood board than Grunge. From mine, I can see I am drawn to the edgy and bohemian fashion.  What are yours??

Stay tuned for Discovering your Personal Style Part 2 – The Wardrobe Edit.

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SS18 Five Trends I Love

Hi, my Beauty’s hope all is well. I’m enjoying my new job so far, well as much as you can enjoy cleaning. I find cleaning therapeutic well when it comes to cleaning up others mess not so much my own. I’m slowly getting into a routine but as per usual I still like to leave everything to last minute and 2 hours before I have to leave for work I run around the house like a headless chicken. But so far so good I’m still writing blog posts, keeping on top of housework and even got the baby into her own bedroom. After hours spent looking through photos of the SS18 catwalk trends here’s a pick of my top 5 trends that I loved and the top picks from the high street to help you get the look for less and into your own wardrobe.

Western Trend

Probably my favourite trend of all the SS18 trends has to be the Western trend. I’m a bit of a boho girl at heart so this trend is definitely something I wear. If something has fringing chances are I’ll be buying it. Fringing was everywhere on the catwalks this season even on trench coats. Calvin Klein models wore Classic western shirts in satin. Versace models wore leather cowboy hats and bolero ties. Dolce and Gabbana models wore tan midi dresses with fringing. Think less cowgirl and more rodeo drive, avoid wearing the western trend head to toe otherwise you might look like an extra from a John Wayne film.

The easy way to incorporate this trend into your everyday look is to wear western accessories like belts, bags, hats and cowboy boots. Below are links to outfits where I’ve styled western items so if you need further inspiration click away.

OOTD – We Are The Weirdo’s Mister OOTD – Dreaming Of Coachella.  OOTD – A Western Romance 

1. Asos Western Star Print Playsuit 2. Rodeo Frill Western Skater Dress 3. Nasty Gal Denim jacket 4. Nasty Gal Embroidered Skirt   5.  Nasty Gal Western Boot 


Pastels were another big trend on the SS18 catwalks and every shade of pastel walked the catwalk from lemon, lilac, baby pink, powder blue, and mint. Lilac is set to replace last years Spring/Summer It colour that was Pink. The catwalks saw models wear each pastel colours head to toe either in suits or dresses in a variety of materials.

To incorporate this trend if the thought of wearing light colours scares you (I know it does me a toddler and light clothes don’t mix), invest in accessories like handbags, sunglasses, shoes, socks etc. If your feeling a bit braver the easiest way to wear this trend is to invest in a pastel blazer. If you’re needing a little further inspiration click below to see how I’ve styled pastels.

OOTD – Summer In Autumn 🍂  OOTN- fifty Shades Of Pink  OOTD – Life Is A Flower 🌺 

  1. RI Light Blue Block Heel sandals  2. RI light pink Patent court Shoes 3. Nasty Gal Lemon dress 4. Nasty Gal pink & red two-tone sandals  5. Boohoo Pastel Culotte Co-ord set

Bold Colours

Bold bright colours were seen all over the catwalks from shades of fuschia, orange, yellow, green and electric blue. Once again to really stand out it was all about wearing one colour head to toe or colour blocking.

I love colour so plan on investing in a tailored blazer and short set in a bright colour. If you need inspiration on how to style bold colours click below.

OOTD – & It was All Yellow OOTD – Always Time For Polka Dots

  1. Boohoo Cobalt Blue Tailored Blazer Dress  2. Green Diamante Snake Sandals 6. RI Yellow Faux Pearl Shorts 

Trench Coats

This season the classic trench coat gets a twist, deconstructed trench coats, trench coats with embellishments and appliques, different colours and finishes all walked down the catwalk.

I personally love a trenchcoat its a wardrobe classic as its perfect for British summertime as its rainy and can still have a certain chill in the air. if you’re like me and own a classic trench coat, maybe invest in some brooches and badges and upcycle for a modern look, or invest in a bright coloured one to tick off two trends at once. to see how ive previously style the good old wardrobe classic click below.

OOTD – That 70’s Show.How To Dress Like A Parisian 

1. RI Green Trench Coat 2. Asos oversized Vinyl Burgundy Trench Coat  3. New look Structured Mac Trench Coat


Prints were everywhere on the catwalks, from polka dots, florals, checks and artsy prints. Polka dots went monochrome and in cool modern shapes. Florals were bold and seen on sheer dresses. Checks were updated for spring in bolder patterns and in blues and reds. Artsy prints were bigger and bolder this season think haiwai shirts and you’re on the right track.

I love prints especially polka dots and florals and I’m a sucker for gingham so definitely expect to see me wearing these prints.

OOTD – Always Time For Polka Dots OOTD – Check Mate !!

  1. RI Polka Dot Frill wrap Midi Skirt 2. RI Feather print Duster Jacket  3. Nasty Gal Polka dot Blazer 4.Nasty Gal White Bardot Polka dot Top  5. Nasty Gal Tartan yellow Skirt 6. Boohoo Check Blazer Coat

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Nicolle 💋

What I’ve Learned in My first Year of Blogging.

Hello, my beauty’s. Conquering the world in heels is one today!!! I know I can’t quite believe it that a year ago today on the spur of the moment I created this blog not really knowing what I was doing or what I was gonna post or even if I was gonna keep it up. Little did I know that when I published my first post February Favourites a year ago today, I’d catch the blogging bug and be still posting content a year later.

I wanna say thank you to all you guys who read and follow my blog cause without you guys I probably wouldn’t be here still hitting publish on content. I’m grateful to every single one of you who takes time out to read and view my page.

What I’ve learned in my First Year of blogging?

  1. It’s not as Simple as just taking a few photos and writing some words.

Theirs this misconception that blogging is super easy, and that it’s as simple as taking a few photos and writing words to accompany said photos. But I was wrong the hours spent taking said photos just to get the right layout, natural light and the time spent editing them. I’m lazy and don’t really edit my pictures 🙈. Then the hours spent writing said post. I’m one of those I have loads of ideas at bedtime, come next day to write it down, the mind goes blank. So I stop and start a post umpteen times. When you’ve finally written your post I then have to proofread it numerous times before I hit publish then sometimes even after I spot mistakes. It’s harder to check your own work. Then the time spent being social and promoting your posts on social media accounts.

2. Social media is your best friend

Before I started blogging I only really used facebook. I had an Instagram account but rarely posted. Twitter used to scare me I didn’t know how to tweet and communicate with others. Fast forward a year later, I now post regularly on both platforms. I understand how hashtags work and even what the word algorithm means. I partake in twitter chats and have started interacting with others. The most important thing I’ve learnt about blogging is that you have to actually be social on all platforms and interact with others. I struggled with this one the most as I’m quite a shy person and have been called anti-social in the past. In the last few months, I’ve been taking time out to show love to others, if I enjoyed reading a post I’ll tell them and retweet their post. If I like a post on Instagram I’ll like it and comment. Showing appreciation for others work goes a long way in the blogging community.

3. The blogging community

When I first started blogging I was scared of the other bloggers and was shocked at the blogging drama and the damn right bitchiness of some. I’ve distanced myself away from the drama and have discovered some lovely people who are supportive. One thing I will say about the blogging community is that even though it can be full of childish drama, If someone comes for us (hotel gate cough cough) and underestimates what we do we do all stick together. I was proud to be part of the blogging community after that incident.

4. You have to be patient.

It takes time to build a following on all social media platforms and to be noticed by brands. So don’t get disheartened if after a few weeks your not getting the views, followers, and PR requests. In time it will gradually happen ( I hope fingers crossed).

5. Career-wise and Discovering Self.

The most important thing on the list, is probably what blogging has taught me about my self. It’s helped me finally discover what I want to do career-wise. I’d love to work in fashion and be a stylist. It’s also helped me gain confidence to share my self on the internet. It’s also helped me to discover what my own personal style is and what looks good and doesn’t its like my own personal style diary.

The Future of My Blog.

In the next year, I want to develop my blogging skills especially photography and my writing style. I also want to establish a proper blogging schedule and actually stick to it. I also plan to go self – hosted and hopefully work with brands.

Thanks for Reading

Nicolle 💋