Hello my Beauty’s, hope you all had a good weekend? This last week has seen the temperature drop massively so its rarely that i now leave the house without a fur coat, gloves, hat and scarf. What are your Cold Weather essentials? Can you believe we can now officially say the C word………..CHRISTMAS!!!!! This weekend so me finally start the dreaded Christmas shopping, I’m normally more organised and have it done well before we hit December. We also put the Christmas tree up, I’m yet to visit a Christmas market or grotto but plan on visiting these in the next couple of weeks.

The Trend behind the Outfit

The vinyl trend has been seen everywhere from the AW17 Catwalks of Calvin Klein to Marni, to the high street. From celebrities such as Kim Kardashian & Bella Hadid to bloggers and street style stars. From bags, shoes, coats, skirts, tops and trousers and coming in a range of colours from black, red, pink and nude. I personally like to style one key piece of vinyl by wearing a slogan t-shirt or plain top. How do you style yours??

Outfit Details

Ps who thinks the cat is a better model than me??

Outfit inspiration from others

*all pictures are taken from Pinterest

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  1. Live your goals! Especially, the g Al to start meditating and doing yoga! Have you tried either before? It amazing what the two can bring to help you de-stress your life and bring clarity to what is truely important

      • For meditation look for a guided meditation session. I started in my own and did really notice a difference until I had a session with someone who knew what they were doing.

        Yoga- take a studio class, not a gym class. The gym classes aren’t bad, but it’s a world of difference from a full yoga class. Then just make sure to try different yoga styles until you find what you like.

        Good luck! Can’t wait to see what you try!

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