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Why taking a break from Social Media was good for my Mental Health.

Hi, my beauties, hope all is well. If you follow me on here and social media you may have noticed that I have been absent for the last couple of months on both my blog and social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter. I just felt like I needed a break from Social media and being online for my mental health. In today’s society where we seem to share everything online and are obsessed with having a perfect image. I just didn’t feel comfortable doing so. Anyway, without further ado, today’s post is all about why I took a break and how I learnt to overcome them thoughts and also share my summer outfits with you that I didn’t feel comfortable with sharing at first.


One of the main reasons I stopped posting on here and Instagram was my own insecurities about my body. Being a fashion blogger and mostly posting photos of myself in outfits it’s important that I feel comfortable in my body as we all know the internet can be a cruel place and you have to have a thick skin to deal with nasty comments. I’m normally body confident but the last few months whenever we did photoshoots I didn’t like the pictures I could just see my mum-tum and thick thighs. Normally I wouldn’t care and post because yes I do have thick thighs and my tummy is not as flat as it used to be, because instead of going to the gym I like gin. But it’s not so easy when your biggest insecurities at the moment are in front of you and going to be shared online with strangers in a world full of Instagram models. Since my break away I’ve learnt that they will always be times where I feel insecure about my body and that’s totally normal. It’s about embracing the skin you’re in and loving it. I’ve also found following people online with similar figures to me helps me feel more comfortable so I follow people like Lily Melrose and Helen Anderson.


Ok, I admit it, I won’t lie sometimes while browsing social media a bit of the green-eyed monster comes out to play. This is normal right? It’s hard to not get jealous when browsing social media when people portray that they have a perfect life, with their designer wardrobe, Instagram perfect house and avocado on toast for breakfast. When in reality you’re sat there in your old PJs, in a house that smells of damp with coco-pops for breakfast for the umpteenth time that week. It’s also hard when everyone seems to be growing and you’re still stuck in the same place. I’ve learnt since my time away what people choose to show online is not necessarily real, (cough Scarlett London cough) and fake it for the gram. I’ve also learnt that I put too much pressure on myself and don’t give myself as much credit as I should. Yes, my Instagram feed may not be perfect and my posts not regular but theirs more to life. I’m a mother, a housewife and I also work part-time and that in itself is bloody hard work without putting pressure on myself to look like I’ve just stepped off the catwalk and made avocado on toast for breakfast every day.

Life is not a competition we all go at our own pace and if we put hard work and dedication we should reach our goals it might just take us longer than others.

Red polka Dot Dress Outfit


At the beginning of August, I lost my uncle who I was very close too. Grief and losing someone makes you look at life totally different and reassess your own life. It made me think that life is really about living and that we focus too much on the stuff that in the end does it really matter (cue me singing Linkin Park), how much money we make, or by his many followers we have. I mean, by all means, create a life for yourself and your family to live comfortably and if blogging is your passion blog away to your heart’s content. I guess what I’m trying to say is life’s too short and people won’t remember you for how much money you made or your followers online. They will remember you for the memories you shared and the times you had together. That’s why in the last month or so instead of socialising online, I’ve actually been socialising offline and made new friends and hopefully created some nice memories (some of which are a blur, as I do enjoy my gin).

Hopefully, I’m back now and look forward to blogging more about all things fashion and beauty related.

Thanks for reading

Nicolle ?


  • Stacey Petch

    Glad your back Nics! Never give up! Your deff right, you never know what goes on behind closed doors, we have to be grateful for what we got. Take care of your self and most importantly you are beautiful. Inside and out. Xx

  • peppurthehotone

    This line #wins: “my tummy is not as flat as it used to be, because instead of going to the gym I like gin.” I laughed out loud. (I’m the same. Some days, gin wins for sure!) Thanks for being honest! I feel the same way about everything seeming so perfect on IG…I also try to write about the bad or not so pretty things that happen to me so that I don’t always look like a glam queen, esp when I don’t feel that way. Thanks for the reminder. Keep going, however you need to do it! Cheers 🙂


  • blacktulipbeauty

    I really enjoyed reading this post and it really made me think about my own life, too. The point about people not remembering you for the amount of followers you have… but they will remember you if you create a piece of content that they love or that relates to them!
    Alice Xx

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