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Hi, my beauty’s, seen as today is Valentine’s Day and February is the month of love. I’ve decided to do a Date Ideas post to inspire you on how to make the most of your time with loved ones. Date night/day doesn’t always have to cost a bomb and family life doesn’t mean you can’t have fun on a date as a family. Happy Valentine’s day!!

Get Outside and do an activity

A simple idea but it’s cheap, easy to do and can be so much fun. You could go for a walk together, bike ride, play tennis or simply have a picnic. Me and the other half have been going on walks together and it’s nice to be outside talking with no stresses.

Cook your Favourite meal for each other.

This can be as easy or complicated as you choose to make it and as cheap and expensive. Just set the table, have the lights dimmed, candles lit, music playing and don’t burn the dinner.

Takeaway and Themed Nights

Order your favourite takeaway together, and have a themed night. Themes could include :

Comedy night -where you watch your favourite comedies and comedians.

Paranormal night – where you watch your fave horrors and paranormal tv programmes. This is one of our favourites to do.

Games night – where you play board games or play on the games console.

Pamper night – face masks, massages etc.

Enjoy a night out.

It’s nice sometimes as a couple to enjoy a night out at a nice restaurant, have a few cocktails or just have a few drinks down the local. As parents this is our biggest adjustment to not being able to just pop down to the local whenever we wanted to, now it’s just reserved for the odd occasion

Do a fun activity together.

We’re quite lucky these days that theirs so many activities to do. You could go ice-skating, bowling, cinema, arcades, crazy golf, laser tag etc.

Fun days out together.

Have a day out together on your own or as a family at a theme park, the zoo, a farm or a park. This is something I plan to do more this year.

Don’t just wait for dates to remind your loved one that you love them, tell them daily, text them just to see how there are, praise them and compliment them and kiss them when you get the chance.

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