My Goals For 2018

Hi my beauty’s, Can you believe we’re already in 2018? A new year, a new start and new goals. I’m not one to really make goals or new years resolutions as I don’t like to commit to anything. But since I surprised myself with actually managing to be still here blogging 9 months later, I’ve decided to set goals for the new year. for the last few months, I’ve been setting monthly blogging goals. I think it really helps you to stay motivated and when you achieve your goals you get a real sense of achievement. So without further ado here are my 2018 goals, let me know what your goals are?

Personal goals

  • I want to start meditating and practising Yoga. Meditation is supposed to be really good for your mind, body and soul. As I hope to be more positive in 2018 I’m hoping meditation can help. Yoga is also meant to be also good for the mind body and soul. As someone who is the least flexible person in the world, if by end of the year I can touch my toes I will have achieved my goal.
  • Have a morning and night routine. 2018 will be the year that I find a routine that fits both me and my daughter, to help gain more productivity and be more organised. Morning and night routines are also one of my favourites to watch and read (send me your links please).
  • I also want to read more, I mean I read blogs and social media posts every day but I wanna take time out to read a book. It really helps me sleep and escape from reality.
  • My most important goal by far is to be more positive in 2018. As I’m called negative Nicolle, I really want to get rid of this nickname and have a more positive outlook on life. I plan to do this by not comparing myself to others, not always thinking the worst case scenario, if I’ve got nothing nice to say then I won’t say it and rid myself of negativity including people, objects etc.
  • Take breaks from social media. I realised in 2017 I was addicted to being on my phone and browsing social media. Having a baby can be very lonely, and being on my phone and social media became my lifeline, but at a cost, I stopped socialising with friends and family. Being a blogger social media is the way we promote our blog and brand, so I’m not planning on going MIA altogether but I am planning on taking a day or two a week where I stay off social media and the phone to spend time with loved ones and well be more social, Which brings me to my next point.
  • Be more social and get out more. Having a baby can be very lonely and not being in the working world you can become very isolated. 2017 I realised I was spending more and more time in the house which left me feeling really down. So for 2018, I plan to leave the house to be more sociable whether it’s to go for coffee and drinks with friends, join a playgroup so I can interact with other mums, and join a fitness class.

Lifestyle Goals

  • I plan to be more healthy in 2018 and get fitter. I plan to do this by drinking more water, eating more fruit and vegetables and be more aware of what I’m actually putting into my body. I also want to try and workout at least twice a week and do more walking. I’m not planning on cutting out chocolate or sugar or been really hard on myself but be more careful and eat everything in moderation. As I’m the type of girl that will eat a packet of biscuits and a whole family size bar of Chocolate in one sitting.
  • I plan to make 2018 the year that I start saving money monthly towards a deposit on a house.
  • We also are planning to move out in 2018 to a more suitable rented accommodation. As the house we live in at the moment is not child-friendly, has damp issues and no garden.

Career Goals

  • I need to find a job that fits around my family life. As in 2017, I had to leave my job of 4 years as it didn’t fit around my daughter and put a strain on my relationship.
  • I also plan to start and complete a personal stylist course.

Blogging and Social Media Goals

  • I plan to be more sociable on social media as I often just scroll without partaking in chats, commenting on posts and retweeting others work. So I plan to show more love and hopefully make some blogger friends.
  • I also plan to post a blog post at least once a week and have more posts scheduled just in case life gets in the way.
  • I hope I reach my yearly goals on the blog and social media even on the ever difficult to grow Instagram.
  • I hope to collaborate with a brand on a blog post in 2018. As for me, this is a blogging milestone I would love to reach.

There you go, these are my 2018 goals, I hope to achieve before 2019. Some easier than others. What are your 2018 goals?

“She believed she could so she did” – R.S Grey

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