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A Reflection of 2018 & My Goals For 2019

Hi my beauties, hope all is well. Can you believe we’re halfway through January already? In today’s post I’m going to look back at my 2018, the good the bad & the ugly, what lessons 2018 taught me, & my new goals that I hope to achieve in 2019.

The Highs Of 2018

I know it’s gonna sound cliche but one of the biggest highs of 2018 and every day, since she was born, was watching my daughter grow & develop into this tiny little human with a huge personality. Another highlight of 2018 was that I got a job that fits around my family & it has also enabled me to save money each month. I was also more sociable this year & made new friends which have helped me gain my confidence back.

The Lows Of 2018

2018 dealt me one of the biggest blows that it possibly could, the death of a loved one. On the 4th August, the day after my daughters 2nd Birthday came the phone call I’d been fearing there was nothing more the hospital could do for my uncle & we should prepare to say our goodbyes. Sadly he passed away before I got chance. I was really close to my Uncle as he was more like a big brother to me & was always there in my life when I needed him. I miss him every day I’ve never experienced the feeling of grief before. It’s a weird feeling grief and one you can’t really put into words how your feeling as you can be fine one minute & then blam it suddenly hits you that they are really gone. At the beginning of January, I started a new job which I felt I wasn’t the right fit for, I used to wake up each morning full of anxiety & hated going to work. I’d be in tears, luckily for me, my old company was hiring so I was able to quit and walk into a job I knew I enjoyed.

What 2018 taught me

That life is really too short & no one is promised tomorrow. This is probably one of the biggest things 2018 taught me. It’s definitely changed my outlook on life, I don’t sweat the small stuff as long as me & my family are healthy then everything else in comparison is not that important it’s just materialistic. It’s also taught me to make time for family & friends because you never know what is around that corner and that phone call you ignored could be the last time you got to hear their voice.

2018 taught me its OK to quit & accept defeat if you know that somethings not right for you & it’s affecting you physically and mentally.

I’ve always suffered from Anxiety & Panic attacks since I was a teenager, but it wasn’t till this year I realised that’s exactly what that feeling was. For me its an overwhelming sense of fear or sadness, then my heart beats really fast and I feel like I can’t breathe. For me, Alcohol makes my anxiety worse especially the days after. Rushing also causes my anxiety as I panic that I’ve forgotten to do something important like turn oven off or lock the door. This year was the worse as I had separation anxiety about being away from my little girl. A strange trigger for me is Cats so don’t expect to see me in a cat Cafe anytime soon.

Not to compare myself to others, I covered this in more depth here.

Goals for 2018 I Met

  • Be More Positive – I’d definitely say I was a more positive person in 2018 as I learnt to distance myself away from toxic people & Energy. I now don’t tolerate peoples BS or Fakeness & say Thank-you Next
  • Be more Social – I was more sociable in 2018 & went out at least once a week and made some new friends.
  • Healthy lifestyle – I say I have quite a healthy lifestyle as I don’t eat takeaways a lot or processed food and I upped my daily water intake & walk most places as I don’t drive.
  • Get a job that fits around my family. – For the most part, my job fits around us I’m at home for tea & putting her to bed.
  • Save money monthly. My main reason for getting a job other than for my mentality was to have that extra income to be able to save a little bit of money monthly and I have been able to do this, it might not be a lot but every little help.

Goals I didn’t meet in 2018

  • Yoga & Meditation – I tried Yoga & Meditation & didn’t enjoy them I found it boring I need something more upbeat like running & dancing. Being an over-thinker & analyzer I didn’t find meditation relaxing.
  • Read more books – I read about 5 books last year & I was aiming for 12. I enjoy reading so I’m going to start reading before bed instead of scrolling down my phone.
  • Personal stylist course – I decided not to do this course as it was a lot of money & being a Personal stylist is not a reliable source of income.
  • Blogging goals – I didn’t meet my blogging goals in terms of numbers or sticking to a schedule but I have learnt that numbers don’t matter as long as I’m still passionate & enjoy what I’m writing about that’s all that matters.
  • Move out – we didn’t manage to move out in 2018 we viewed a couple of property’s but there had similar issues to our circumstances now or were smaller. so in 2019, we will continue our search.

My Goals for 2019

  • Healthy Lifestyle – I always think in terms of being healthy theirs always room for improvement, in 2019 I hope to exercise 3 times a week with a mixture of cardio & strength, eat more healthy by adding more fruit & vegetables to my diet. more homemade food not out of jars and drink more water.
  • Meat-free once a week – In terms of diet I do eat a lot of meat-based produce & in 2019 I would like to not eat meat based produce at least once a week. if you have any recipes let me know.
  • Eco-friendly- toward the end of 2018 I became more conscious of the vast amounts of waste that we were throwing away & the damage it doing to our planet. In 2019 I hope to consume less plastic where possible & always recycle, use reusable straws & coffee cups, slowly introduce more Eco -friendly makeup and skincare products into my routine.
  • Travel more – in 2019 I would like to travel more, I don’t mean travel the world as my budget won’t allow that but just get a train or bus to a different city or village and explore new areas.
  • Build a business – in 2019 I’m hoping to go self- employed and set up my own business.
  • Continue saving – in 2019 I would like to continue saving money either for a deposit or emergency funds.
  • Move out – I’m hoping 2019 will be the year we finally move out to a house that’s big enough, has a garden, & more importantly no damp issues.
  • Make time for my partner more – Having a young child its very rare that we get time together and if we do theirs always a million and 1 other things to do like, cleaning, blogging etc. So hopefully in 2019, I plant to make time just for us two whether it’s cuddling up on the sofa watching ghost adventures, pub or the cinema or a romantic meal.

Blogging Goals

  • Be more sociable – In 2019 I want to make blogging friends, maybe attend events and just be more sociable on all social networks participating in more chats & conversations with others.
  • Share more – In 2019 I want it to be the year I share more of my life & personality with you the readers.
  • Become more comfortable talking to the camera – I would love to become more comfortable talking to the camera & filming hauls, talking about my makeup & OOTD’s
  • Be more Organised – I would love it in 2019 could stick to a schedule and have a blog post planned and scheduled in advance rather than just posting as and when.

Thanks For Reading

Nicole 💋

My Goals For 2018

Hi my beauty’s, Can you believe we’re already in 2018? A new year, a new start and new goals. I’m not one to really make goals or new years resolutions as I don’t like to commit to anything. But since I surprised myself with actually managing to be still here blogging 9 months later, I’ve decided to set goals for the new year. for the last few months, I’ve been setting monthly blogging goals. I think it really helps you to stay motivated and when you achieve your goals you get a real sense of achievement. So without further ado here are my 2018 goals, let me know what your goals are?

Personal goals

  • I want to start meditating and practising Yoga. Meditation is supposed to be really good for your mind, body and soul. As I hope to be more positive in 2018 I’m hoping meditation can help. Yoga is also meant to be also good for the mind body and soul. As someone who is the least flexible person in the world, if by end of the year I can touch my toes I will have achieved my goal.
  • Have a morning and night routine. 2018 will be the year that I find a routine that fits both me and my daughter, to help gain more productivity and be more organised. Morning and night routines are also one of my favourites to watch and read (send me your links please).
  • I also want to read more, I mean I read blogs and social media posts every day but I wanna take time out to read a book. It really helps me sleep and escape from reality.
  • My most important goal by far is to be more positive in 2018. As I’m called negative Nicolle, I really want to get rid of this nickname and have a more positive outlook on life. I plan to do this by not comparing myself to others, not always thinking the worst case scenario, if I’ve got nothing nice to say then I won’t say it and rid myself of negativity including people, objects etc.
  • Take breaks from social media. I realised in 2017 I was addicted to being on my phone and browsing social media. Having a baby can be very lonely, and being on my phone and social media became my lifeline, but at a cost, I stopped socialising with friends and family. Being a blogger social media is the way we promote our blog and brand, so I’m not planning on going MIA altogether but I am planning on taking a day or two a week where I stay off social media and the phone to spend time with loved ones and well be more social, Which brings me to my next point.
  • Be more social and get out more. Having a baby can be very lonely and not being in the working world you can become very isolated. 2017 I realised I was spending more and more time in the house which left me feeling really down. So for 2018, I plan to leave the house to be more sociable whether it’s to go for coffee and drinks with friends, join a playgroup so I can interact with other mums, and join a fitness class.

Lifestyle Goals

  • I plan to be more healthy in 2018 and get fitter. I plan to do this by drinking more water, eating more fruit and vegetables and be more aware of what I’m actually putting into my body. I also want to try and workout at least twice a week and do more walking. I’m not planning on cutting out chocolate or sugar or been really hard on myself but be more careful and eat everything in moderation. As I’m the type of girl that will eat a packet of biscuits and a whole family size bar of Chocolate in one sitting.
  • I plan to make 2018 the year that I start saving money monthly towards a deposit on a house.
  • We also are planning to move out in 2018 to a more suitable rented accommodation. As the house we live in at the moment is not child-friendly, has damp issues and no garden.

Career Goals

  • I need to find a job that fits around my family life. As in 2017, I had to leave my job of 4 years as it didn’t fit around my daughter and put a strain on my relationship.
  • I also plan to start and complete a personal stylist course.

Blogging and Social Media Goals

  • I plan to be more sociable on social media as I often just scroll without partaking in chats, commenting on posts and retweeting others work. So I plan to show more love and hopefully make some blogger friends.
  • I also plan to post a blog post at least once a week and have more posts scheduled just in case life gets in the way.
  • I hope I reach my yearly goals on the blog and social media even on the ever difficult to grow Instagram.
  • I hope to collaborate with a brand on a blog post in 2018. As for me, this is a blogging milestone I would love to reach.

There you go, these are my 2018 goals, I hope to achieve before 2019. Some easier than others. What are your 2018 goals?

“She believed she could so she did” – R.S Grey

Thanks for Reading

Nicolle 💋<<