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GRWM – A Festive Makeup & Outfit

Hi, my beauties hope all is well and you all had a nice Christmas. With less than a week to New Year’s Eve, the time of year where it’s totally acceptable to go over the top and wear sparkles head to toe. In today’s post, I’ll show you my go-to outfit and makeup look for the festive period.


List of Products

The Base
The Eyes
The Lips

The Base

  • Before I apply any makeup I prep my skin following this routine that you can read here.
  • First of all, I applied two pumps of the Rimmel Long-lasting Foundation in 201 Classic Beige to the back of my hand and then using the MORPHE M439 Buffing Brush buffed the foundation into my face and neck.
  • I then applied the Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer in shade C6.5 to my eyelids, a triangle under my eyes, down the centre of my nose, and on my chin.
  • I then set this using the Revolution luxury Powder in Banana using a damp beauty blender.
  • I then contoured my face using the L’Oreal Stick Foundation In 201 Cappuccino to the hollow of my cheeks, forehead and down the sides of my nose. I then buffed this into my skin with circular motions using my Real Techniques Contour Brush. I then do the same with the contour powder Can’t deal from the Revolution Imogenation Highlight to the Moon Palette.
  • I then applied the I heart Makeup blushing hearts blush to the apple of my cheeks using a No7 blusher Brush.
  • Finally, I applied the highlighter shades Limited Edition and Angelface from the Revolution Imogenation highlight to the moon palette to the cheekbones, browbones, centre of the nose and the Cupid’s bow using a fan brush.

The Eyes.

  • first I apply the NYX eyeshadow base in white all over my eyelid using my fingers.
  • I then applied the darkest grey shade out of the Barry M Smokin’ Hot shadow & blush palette to the crease of my eye using an angled eyeshadow brush.
  • I then applied the Black glitter shade from the same eyeshadow palette to the outer corner creating a slight wing and the crease of my eye using a Real Techniques definer Brush. I then line half of the lower eyelid using the same shade and brush.
  • I then applied the white shade from the Barry M eyeshadow palette and limited edition from the Revolution Imogenation highlight to the moon palette to my eyelid using my finger.
  • I then lined my upper eyelid and give it a slight wing using the NYX Epic Ink Liner.
  • Finally, I applied two coats of Barry M’s Feature-Length Mascara to my upper and lower eyelashes.


  • I applied Sleek lipstick in Night spot a perfect festive red shade and added the Estée Lauder Pure colour envy lipgloss in flirtatious Magenta. The perfect red gloss lip combo.

And Voila!!

The outfit

The festive period is an excuse to get dressed up and go OTT with your outfit. So when I saw this sparkly flared jumpsuit I knew I had to try it on. I was a bit scared at first as I was worried Camille the camel toe might make an appearance as in some jumpsuits they can be unflattering in that area but this jumpsuit was not one of those. It flattered my figure and wasn’t too long considering I’m only 4″11. I paired it with glitter boots and a black fur coat for full-on glamour.

All the Best for 2019

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Nicolle 💋

GRWM – An Everyday Grunge Makeup Look

Hi, my beauty’s, hope all is well can you believe it’s nearly December which means we can start talking about the C word. No, not that C word I mean Christmas. Are you prepared for Christmas or are you like me leave it all to the last minute? Today’s post is all about my favourite go-to makeup look on the days when I can be bothered to make a bit of effort and wear something a bit more than concealer (that doesn’t even cover the bags anymore 😩) and some mascara.

GRWM - An Everyday Grunge Makeup look Selfie 2

List of Products

Base Products

Eye Products


The Brushes

GRWM- An Everyday Grunge Makeup look brushes

The Base

GRWM - An Everyday Grunge Makeup look Fcae products

  • First of all, I prepped my skin following my skincare routine which you can read here.
  • I then applied a couple of pumps of the Rimmel Lasting Finish with Comfort Serum Foundation in 201 Classic Beige and buffed into my face and neck using the MORPHE M439 Buffing Brush.

GRWM - An Everyday Makeup Look face palettes

  • I then applied the lightest shade of concealer from the Revolution Protection Palette using my finger (as it warms up the cream making it easier to apply and blend), to my eyelid and under the eyes in a triangle, down the centre of my nose and on my chin.
  • I then set this using a damp beauty blender and the powder from the Revolution Protection Pallete.
  • I then contour my face using the Benefit Hoola Bronzing stick, I apply this in the hollows of my cheeks, and on my forehead, I then buff this into my skin with circular motions using the real techniques contour brush. I then do the same with the contour powder from the Revolution Protection Pallet to set the cream contour.
  • I then applied blush from the Revolution ultra Blush Sugar & Spice Palette to the apple of my cheeks using the No7 blush. I have to be careful when applying this blusher as it is highly pigmented and you can end up looking like coco the clown, so I tend to dust the brush off on the back of my hand before applying.
  • Finally, I apply all the 3 powder highlighters from the Sleek Solstice palette using a fan brush to my cheekbones, browbone, Cupid’s bow and bridge of the nose.

The Eyes

GRWM- A Everyday Grunge Makeup look eye Products

  • First I applied the burgundy shade from the Barry M Fall In Love Pallete to the crease of my eyelids using an angled eyeshadow brush and buffed it In.
  • Secondly, I applied the Darkest shade from the same palette using the Real Techniques accent brush to the crease, outer corners and to line the outer lower lash line. I then buffed it in using the Real Techniques deluxe crease brush.
  • I then used the same colour that I used as blush and using my finger I applied this to my eyelid.
  • I then lined my upper and lower lash lines using the Marc Jacobs Highliner.
  • I then lined my upper eyelid and give it a slight wing using the NYX Epic Ink Liner.
  • Finally, I applied a coat of the Barry M’s Feature length Mascara to my upper and bottom eyelashes.

GRWM - A Everyday Grunge Makeup Look

The Lips

GRWM - An Everday Grunge Makeup Look lips

  • First of all, I line my lips with the Model Co’s lip enhancer Illusion lip liner. it’s a nude colour so literally goes with any lipstick shade even the vampy ones.
  • I then applied the Rimmel Kate Lipstick shade In 30 its a burgundy shade and compliments the pink of the eyeshadow.

and voila the finished product!!

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Nicolle 💋

Summer Favourites

Hi, my beauties hope all is well? Since I’ve been MIA recently and not been uploading my monthly favourites I’d thought I’d share with you today the things I loved and used this summer.


Summer Faves - Makeup

Clinique High Impact Mini Mascara

This mascara has been my go mascara this summer, it instantly lifts lashes and adds volume and thickness. It doesn’t clump and lasts all day.

Nivea Tinted Moisturiser -Natural

One of my all-time favourite beauty products, its perfect for summer as it’s a lightweight formula that contains an SPF. It provides skin with a light coverage that looks like your skin but only more radiant.

L’Oréal infallible Sticks in 501 -Oh My Jewels & 210 Cappuccino.

I use these beauty sticks on a daily basis I use the 501 oh my jewels shade as a highlighter as it provides skin with a subtle highlighter that gives you a dewy look. I use the shade 210 cappuccino as a contour shade. It’s rather warm toned so only a little bit is needed as if not it can make you look orange. It definitely adds warmth and definition to my face.


Sleek Makeup Face Form – Medium

This Palette is my go-to face and eye Palette containing a contour shade that is a perfect colour as it’s an ashy colour, it also contains a bronzer and a highlighter. I’ve also been using it as an eyeshadow palette this summer by wearing the bronzer shade in the crease of my eye and the highlighter shade on my lid. I love a multitasking palette saving time, money and room in my makeup bag what more could you ask for.

Sleek blush by 3 – Lace

This blush palette is perfect for summer as it contains two coral colours and a pink which look great when paired with a tan. This palette contains two matte and one shimmer highly pigmented blushes.

Summer Favourites - Concealer

Along Came Betty All Concealed Concealer Kit.

When clearing out my makeup I came across this forgotten treasure. It contains two concealers (a cream one & a solid one) and a brightening under eye setting powder. The cream concealer is perfect for concealing under eyes and even minimises the look of my eye bags. Which is something I definitely need because sleep is something of a luxury these days? The solid concealer is perfect at concealing imperfections such as spots and cuts. I love this concealer kit and will probably cry when it’s gone as it’s been discontinued.

Summer Favourites - Bronzer

St Moritz Bronzing Powder Light

Another product that I found while clearing out. Don’t you just love a good old clear out especially when you find so many forgotten treasures? This bronzer is one of my favourites at providing a sun-kissed glow as its quite shimmery you only need a little bit and you look glowing as well as sun-kissed.


Summer Faves - Skincare

Vita Coco Coconut Oil

My holy grail beauty product as I not only use it as a moisturiser I use it as a hair mask. When used as a Moisturiser it leaves skin soft and reduces the appearance of stretch marks.

Jack Wills English Velvet Body Lotion

This body lotion leaves my skin so soft and keeps skin moisturised for roughly 24 hours. It has a rich texture more like a body butter. It absorbs easily into the skin and has a pleasant fragrance to it that smells like roses. (Floral scents aren’t really my thing).

Summer Favourites - Mud Mask

N-Spa Skin Glow Mud Mask

I love this mask and try to use once on a weekly basis. With kaolin Clay and charcoal as it’s main ingredients, this mud masks helps draw out impurities, unblocking pores, and reducing the appearance of them to leave skin looking more radiant and clear. After using this mask my skin looks more radiant and the appearance of my pores less noticeable. It leaves my skin feeling smooth.

Fake Tan


Garnier Summer Body Gradual Tan Moisturiser – Light

We’ve been quite lucky this year and had lots of sunshine. So fake tan wasn’t needed as much as normal. I used this tan on my legs so it matched the rest of my body. It has a nice apricot smell and leaves your skin feeling moisturised.

Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam in Dark

I love this self-tanning foam as it has a gorgeous coconut smell that just reminds you of a holiday. It leaves a natural looking tan and fades gradually.

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