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My Skincare Routine

Hi, my beauty’s hope all is well, today’s post is all about my Facial skincare routine. I will be sharing my morning and night time routine that helps my skin stay soft and glowing and removes all traces of makeup. I’m quite lucky in that I have normal/combination skin and rarely suffer from breakouts unless it’s the time of the month and even then they not bad. But in typical fashion, because I’ve planned to do a skincare post my skin is suffering from a few breakouts but I think this is due to fake tan. Does anyone else have this problem when they use fake tan on their face?

Skincare Routine all products used

Products used

My Morning Routine

Skincare Routine Morning Routine Products


  1. First thing I do when starting my skincare routine is to take back my hair by either tying my hair back or wearing a headband. At the moment I’m using this cute bunny ears headband from Primark.
  2. After I have no stray hairs on my face, I then apply a few drops of the micellar water to a cosmetic pad. I then take the pad and apply to the face and in circular motions move the pad around the face, being especially gentle around the eye area. The micellar water is great for use in the morning as it is gentle on my skin and removes any traces of makeup and sweat easily. It’s also a timesaver as it requires no rinsing which is perfect for in a morning as I’m normally short on time. Skincare Routine Cleansing
  3. After I have cleansed my face I then pump a pea-sized amount of the Nip&Fabs Dragon Blood Serum on the back of my hand. I then add a dot of it to both my cheeks, forehead and chin and rub into the skin in upwards and outwards motions. This product enhances moisturisation and plumps up the skin. This Serum is also ideal to use as a primer.
  4. I then apply the Simple Kind To Skin Revitalising Eye Roll-on to under my eyes in light circular movements and pat any remaining liquid into the skin gently with my fingertips. This product in a morning wakes up tired eyes and cools the eye area as it contains cucumber. Skincare Routine - Eye Roll On.jpg
  5. And last but not least I pump a pea-sized of the Garnier Moisture Bomb 3in1 Day Cream moisturiser to the back of my clean hand. I then apply all over my face and neck in upwards and outwards movements. This skin makes my skin feel moisturised all day and provides skin with an instant radiant look and contains UVA protection. As this moisturiser doesn’t make your skin sticky you can apply makeup soon after which is a timesaver in the morning. Skincare Routine - After Morning Routine

My Night Time Routine

My night time routine is effective at removing all traces of makeup and providing the skin with Moisture.Skincare Routine Nighttime Routine Products

  1. Like in the morning routine the first thing that I do is take my hair back off my face by either tying my hair back or wearing a headband. This is especially important in my evening routine as it contains oil and no one wants greasy hair.
  2. In the evening I like to use not one but two cleansers to make sure I remove all traces of makeup even waterproof mascara. So the first cleanser that I use is the Simple kind to skin hydrating cleansing oil. I first apply a few drops of this into the palm of clean hands and then massage into my face. I then rinse my face and hands with warm water, and then remove any traces of oil with a warm damp flannel. This oil makes removing makeup even waterproof makeup easy as it just melts it off. It leaves skin feeling soft and glowy. Skincare Routine Nightime Cleansing Oil
  3. For my second cleanser, I use the simple kind to skin Purifying cleansing lotion. I apply the cleanser to my hands and rub it gently into my face, to remove the cleanser I take one large oval cosmetic pad and wet it with warm water and then remove the cleanser off my face using the pad. When all the cleanser is removed I pat my face dry with a towel. Skincare Routine - Nightime routine
  4. After I have cleansed my face I then pump a pea-sized amount of the Nip&Fabs Dragon Blood Serum on the back of my hand. I then add a dot of it to both my cheeks, forehead and chin and rub into the skin in upwards and outwards motions. This product enhances moisturisation and plumps up the skin
  5. After applying the serum I then use my night time eye cream which is the Simple kind to eyes soothing eye balm. I apply a tiny amount to the back of my hand and dot a tiny amount under each eye and then gently pat the balm into my skin. The eye balm reduces puffiness and provides moisturisation for the delicate eye area.
  6. And last but not least is my night time moisturiser which is the Garnier moisture bomb hydrating night cream. I apply a pea-sized amount to the back of my hand and then apply it to my forehead, both cheeks and chin and then massage into the skin using upward and outward movements. This moisturiser has a gel-like consistency and is perfect for this time of year. It leaves skin feeling smooth and plumper and not as dry. This night cream also doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily like some thicker consistency moisturisers can do especially at this time of year.Skincare Routine Selfie after Nightime routine

And there you have my skincare routine that seems to work for my skin type. I’m now ready to enjoy my evening in my jim-jams probably binge-watching something on Netflix or youtube.

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October Favourites 

Hi my beauty’s, hope you all had a good October and achieved your goals. I know I did. October for me was a relatively good month, it saw me move out of my moms and back to my home. I also got back into blogging more and smashed my monthly goals thanks to you lovely people who read and support my blog.  How was your October??  Anyways here’s what I’ve loved the last month.



Slogan tops. 

Another AW17 trend I’m loving is the return of the slogan. Why say what your thinking when you can wear it. I own numerous slogan tops from the risky sayings such as I have no tits (my fave ever). Don’t make the mistake of wearing these tops to work as I once did, for them to later introduce a uniform policy …oops. To the powerful quotes like this Boohoo top featured reminding me to always stay bad ass no matter what. I also love this ” if the love doesn’t feel like 90’s RnB I don’t want it” t-shirt. I’ve seen this top on my Pinterest feed and wanted it, I tried EBay with no such luck so when I was in River Island and so it you know it was going straight in my basket. I wouldn’t normally spend £16 on a t-shirt but cuz I’ve wanted this t-shirt for about a year I made that exception. I love how you can style a slogan t-shirt in numerous ways. (Pictured).


Leopard boots

If you follow me on social media, you’ll know that I’ve been loving these boots. I’ve been after a pair of leopard boots since our dog chewed my last pair. So when I walked into River Island and saw these beauty’s I knew they were going straight in my basket. Even better there were reduced from £40 to £20.  I love how comfy these boots are and have got a good grip for this time of year. They also look great and are sure to make me stand out from the crowd.

Navy Baker Boy Hat 

Another month, another hat. If you haven’t noticed by now I love hats. Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last few months you’ll surely have seen this style of hat all over your social media feeds. I love the style and colour of this hat.



Simple Eye Creams

Last month I tried hard to focus on a skin care routine. I normally use a Cleansing oil, toner, serum and moisturiser anyways but I added these eye creams into my routine. I use the Simple kind to eyes Revitalising Eye roll-on (green one) in the morning after my moisturiser. As this eye cream comes with a metal ball applicator roll on its easy to apply. It’s a refreshing eye gel that contains cucumber and other multi-vitamins. cucumbers well-known to reduce puffiness and wake up tired eyes. I suffer from dry eyes and find that applying this in a morning really helps soothe my eyes and make me look more awake.

I apply the simple Kind to eyes soothing eye balm at night as this is a thicker consistency than the roll-on.  This eye cream helps reduce puffiness and keeps the delicate eye area well moisturised.

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25HR with Comfort Serum

At the start of October I ran out of my L’Oreal Infallible foundation (my everyday foundation), so i turned to my samples/testers which I’ve collected over the past year from magazines. I normally save these for on my holidays as i find this is the perfect time to try out new products and it saves space in your luggage. One of the sample i had was this foundation (well i had two). This foundation is full coverage which i loved, was easy to apply and blend, and moisturising. It didn’t look too cakey and had a dewy effect. I even got complimented on how good my skin looked while wearing this foundation. It also lasted about 8 hours. It also contains an SPF 20 which is ideal even in winter make sure you wear an SPF. I definitely will be buying this foundation when my samples run out.


Tassimo Coffee Machine & Coffee

After Five long months without my coffee machine i finally got it back out of storage and i cant tell you how excited i was about having a coffee in the morning. Its like having your own costa’s in your house. If you like coffee and costa’s id recommend investing in a tassimo coffee machine. If you like Bailey’s and coffee, i would try the bailey’s coffee you can buy for this machine. it doesn’t contain alcohol unfortunately but it means you can still have the taste without the consequences (if you’ve ever had a bailey’s induced hangover then you know). If your on a budget but still like instant flavoured coffees then the Nescafe ones are really good especially the toffee nut latte flavour and the mocha.

MindHunter Netflix Series

If you’ve got an Netflix account then i would definitely recommend giving the Mindhunter Series a watch. The series is set in the 1970’s and follows two FBI agents as they delve into the psychology of murder and get up close and personal with real-life monster. If your interested in crime and psychology, then give this a watch. I was skeptical at first about giving this series a watch but me and my partner binge watched it within a week.

What were your October favourites and what are your reccomendations to watch on Netflix??

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My Top 10 Under 10 – Beauty 

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Hi, hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend. So for today’s post I’ll be talking about my top ten beauty products and the best thing is there all under ten pounds, because who doesn’t like a top ten and a bargain right.

Makeup 💄

Sleek Solstice Highlighting Pallete – £9.99

This pallete is the best budget buy highlighter I have used, with its rose gold packaging and four colors, one cream and 3 powders with a mixture of both matte and shimmer effect, it definitely looks more expensive than its £9.99 price tag. This pallete adds a luminous finish and a radiant glow to skin. It’s easy to wear as it suits most skin tones, its blendable and buildable to create a finish that’s right for you. You can also wear each shade as an eyeshadow or I use the purple shade to mattify my lipstick and it creates a Unicorn effect.

Sleek Lip V.I.P Semi-Matte Lipsticks -£5.49 

Sleek lipsticks are fast becoming my favourite budget lipstick as its high pigmented colour stands out and is available in a range of colours. The semi-matte formula doesn’t dry out your lips, like some matte lipsticks can do. It also stays put and doesn’t smudge and lasts all day. Being a busy mum this lipstick is ideal as I don’t have the time to be topping up my lipstick all day and worrying that im walking round looking like the Joker.

Sleek Face Form Kit – £9.99

This face form kit makes contouring easy on the go with three shades in a small handy mirrored pallete. The kit contains three shades a sculpting powder to contour, a gold shimmer shade to highlight and a bronzer shade to add warmth.  The shades are high pigmented and easy to blend. The colors are a natural shade, so you don’t look like You’ve been tangoed. I use this pallete daily.

I Heart Chocolate Eyeshadow Salted Caramel pallete – £7.99

This Budget Eyeshadow pallete featuring sixteen shades with a mixture of matte and shimmer finishes. For the price the eyeshadow’s are well pigmented,and durable. this eyeshadow pallete is a great dupe for the two-faced semi-sweet chocolate pallete.

L’Oréal  24H Infallible Foundation -£10.99

I was really impressed with this foundation after buying it after seeing a fellow blogger recommend it after saying it was a good dupe for the MAC Studio Finish Foundation as it has a yellowish tint. Its high coverage, easy to blend, lasts up to 7 hours and doesn’t dry out my skin. It’s lasted over a year as one or two pumps goes a long way

* When I purchased this foundation it was on offer and under £10.

Maybelline Age Rewind Eye  Concealer – £8.99

This Concealer is the best one i have used and have just recently purchased my second one. This concealer is easy to apply as it comes with a built-in sponge applicator and is easy to blend. It provides great coverage as it brightens the under eye area making this concealer good for highlighting. I’ve also found that this concealer doesnt dry and look cakey as i have found that to be the case with my Rimmel wake me up concealer.

To see how i use these products check out my GRWM-Makeup Routine .


Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Cleansing Oil – £6.99 

I was impressed with how easily this oil removed my waterproof makeup. I didnt have to scrub to remove my makeup which meant my skin wasnt as irritated. When washed off and used with another cleanser for double cleansing, It leaves skin looking radiant as it hydrates skin and leaves behind no sticky or oily residue.

Garnier Moisture bomb  Hydrating Moisturiser Night Cream – £7.99

This moisturiser is perfect for his time of year as it is lightweight with a gel like consistency, which leaves skin looking radiant, and plumper. After using this night cream my skin feels smooth and not as dry. It doesn’t leave my skin oily like the thicker moisturisers can do at this time of year.

Vaseline Spray & Go Aloe Fresh – £5.99

This spray on moisturiser is easy to apply and time-saving as it drys quicker than other moisturisers and isn’t sticky or oily meaning you can get dressed quicker. It also has a lovely fragrance. This moisturiser leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft and has helped with my dry skin.

Fudge Urban Crisp Pear & Sweet Vanilla Dry Shampoo – £5.24

This dry Shampoo has a sweet-smelling fragrance that will leave you wanting to sniff your hair. It leaves hair feeling refreshed without a chalky feel. I end to use this as a volume spray as its great at adding volume to my roots.

If your stuck on what dry shampoo would be best for your hair type and to meet your needs the team at Reviews.com have done the leg work for you to determine the best dry shampoo on the market that delivers fresh hair without a full wash. Click here for the review. The best dry shampoos all in one place so you don’t need to spend your precious time trawling the internet looking for reviews.

Tip – don’t spray too close as you will end up with white hair.

* Prices are correct at the time of posting and as always all views and opinions are completely my own.

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